• 21-06-2019

[INTERVIEW] Feedback in motion with Anne Quitin and Valérie Sagesse from Marcello (Groupe Goeres)

Our camera was with Anne Quitin et Valérie Saggese from Groupe Goeres the time of an interview. 

As a reminder, Groupe Goeras called on Bigbang and our Digital Channel Network, the week from 13 to 17 May 2019 to communicate on our 72 digital screens installed in the biggest office buildings in Luxembourg.

Highlitghting their handmade icecream and the rent of their vespa-ice-scream maker for your events.

Coupled with the digital display, a Building Marketing action (read the article here) was set up : the vespa-ice-cream maker was present inside 5 office buildings equiped with our network (Hélios, Atrium Business Park, West Side Village, Laccolith, Président) to enjoy a free ice-cream degustation.

Feedback in motion --> HERE !