Our services

Whether you are OWNERS, TENANTS, MANAGERS or ADVERTISERS, our HD touch screens will satisfy your every needs.

More than a typical display network, our geo-localized screens broadcast content and services tailored to each building.

National & International

Stock Exchange
Find the main flows of economic and financial information.

Check out the latest National & International news on the front page.

Check the weather in real time and forecasts for days to come.

Local & Regional

Find in one click :

  • emergency numbers in Luxembourg
  • pharmacies on call
  • the useful contacts of the building
    (stewardship, security, ...)

By car :
Watch the live traffic on the main roads in Luxembourg.

By bus :
Find nearby stops and bus schedules.


Concierge & Building

Take advantage of a personal concierge service and combine personal and professional life at your workplace.

Meet the occupants of your building and share your interests.

Access the list of companies in the building (contacts, descriptions, practical information, ...) and help visitors to locate on the site.