• 26-06-2019

The workplace, an absolutely strategic place for brands at the heart of the customer journey.

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 In less than 15 years, the information becomes global, free and instantaneous, with collateral effect: the birth of a new consumer extremely demanding and more and more resistant to media and ads campaigns.

The issue is to catch the consumer attention who suffers from « infobesity ».

In this hostile environment, the workplace plays its cards right. It owns a lot of advantages: not only it’s the only place to concentrate 100% of active people, but also their presence is the most important in the customer pathway with 8 hours in continue. When you add the workplace transformation which becomes an exchange place in the goods and services consumption, you have the unmissable place for the advertisers.

But the bet isn’t win: the new-consumer is more and more uncatchable.

Indeed, we estimate that more than 20% of them are equipped with an “Ad Blocker” which block the display on their computer/smartphone. And for print support, the continuous decrease of use, particularly with young active, doesn’t make it easier.

The parry for the advertisers could come from targeting digital display inside the office buildings.

In the world, only 4 players propose this king of services, mainly in the USA with 1.6000 equipped buildings, but also in Asia and Australia. For Europe, BIGBANG INTERACTIVE MEDIA plays the role of pioneer with its services interactive offer www.digitalchannelnetwork.com implanted in Luxembourg for 3 years, but also in Bruxelles and Paris with near 100 connected site.

The brands understand the interest to interact on this strategic place and very protected. They exploit the opportunities of this new media to influence lastingly the customer pathway.

“StrategicWorkday”: the missing link of active customer pathway

The active, main target of the advertisers, spends the most of his time at work.

BIGBANG INTERACTIVE MEDIA and its strategic network, in full growth, is implanted at the heart of biggest office buildings and located in the flow main zone of the buildings. It guarantees to the advertisers, a high qualitative audience and visibility.

The offer goes further with 360° solution with display, interactivity, sampling and street marketing. The media becomes a Big Data source for the advertisers. The last campaign for DS brand allowed to generate more than 500.000 displays, 300 qualified leads and 100s registrations.

From now on, the advertisers can reinforce their presence on this strategic place and fully exploit the opportunities of the “StrategicWorkday” to influence durably the customer pathway.

Benoît de Moura,