• 09-09-2021

BIGBANG x LALUX - Interview Maud Lamborelle - Head of Marketing et Communication - Lalux Assurances

We took advantage of the summer to welcome Maud Lamborelle, Marketing and Communication Director of Lalux Assurance. 
We asked her a few questions about her DOOH campaign "Don't Worry Be Happy" as well as her experience with our team and our Digital Channel Network, the interactive digital screens installed in the largest office buildings in Luxembourg! 
We thank her again for the time she took to answer our questions! 

You can see the interview on video or transcribed below in text form.


Can you introduce yourself? 
Hello, so I'm Maud Lamborelle, I've been the head of communications and marketing at Lalux Assurances since 2012.

Tell us about your new campaign.
The campaign that is currently running on the DCN network is the result of a long process of reflection on our brand communication that we wanted to carry out as part of the centenary of Lalux. The idea was to establish a new line of communication that would make all our future actions coherent and that would also resemble the DNA of Lalux - therefore that would correspond to the values and emotion conveyed by the brand since its creation.

What are your objectives for this campaign?
The objective of our campaign is first and foremost to raise awareness. We wanted to communicate the pleasure of being able to live an intense life when you are well insured. And we also wanted to broaden our customer base. We introduced several elements into our communication line: 
- a new slogan "Don't Worry Be Happy" which, rather than English, is more of an international language, so it appeals to a wider audience, in reference to Bobby McFerrin's hit from the 90s.
- And then a smile, a smile that represents the closeness of the relationship between our network of agents and our customers and the objectives of LaLuxembourgeoise to satisfy customers as best as possible, so that they can keep smiling no matter what!

Why did you choose Digital Channel Network for this campaign?
We chose the DCN network because it allows us to reach a target that we don't necessarily reach through other channels, namely Luxembourg residents on the one hand, but also an interesting proportion of newcomers.
We also chose this network for the form of communication that it allows us to disseminate. It's true that being able to broadcast short film extracts is always more impactful than still images. 
And of course for the quality/price ratio.

What are the advantages of reaching your target group directly at their place of work?
The advantage of reaching the target group at their place of work is firstly to reach a certain part of the target group that interests us: an active target group of Luxembourg residents and newcomers. It is also to be able to reach them in a more neutral environment in terms of advertising and on media that provide them with practical information that interests them.
In addition, the network allows for a certain degree of interactivity, which we did not use to the full for this campaign, but which we will certainly use in the future.

The final word? 
The final word: I wanted to thank the Digital Channel Network team because it's very easy to work with them when you launch a campaign: it's quick, it's efficient. And at the end of each campaign, we have a precise report on the number of impressions (which always exceeds what we were promised) and also on the number of interactions that the system allows.

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